spiritual mysticism

Spiritual Mysticism… this is not a religion or even a system of belief, but a way in which to experience life and love; a way to experience it wholly and with purpose. There is no worship, nor ritual, but a simple awareness that we are one with the God of our heart, a God by any name. There is a realization that any separateness we may experience is a false separateness that we ourselves create. There is an understanding that every child of humanity is a child of God, our very brother or sister, and there is an acceptance that we are each on our own path. It is a path that leads us inward, to face our fears. It is a path that guides us toward compassion and forgiveness of ourselves and of others, until it becomes no longer necessary to forgive, because there is no longer judgment but a recognition that all that is, simply is — that all of our experiences in life are opportunities for the spiritual growth of our sacred soul. It is a path that will at times lead us through the darkness so that we ourselves may become the light. It is a path on which we discover nonjudgmental, unconditional love. With an awareness that we are one with the God of our heart, comes the knowledge that love is not some thing to be given or received, but that we simply are love — the sacred essence of God.

our only truth


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